Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Sympathy Pain

I couldn't handle Krista having all the fun! My left arm, luckily, has been hurting for about a month or more. So I went to the Dr. and found out that I have badly pulled or torn my lateral tri-cep! I have had to wear a sling now for the past two weeks and I have to wear it for another week then go back in so he can check it. If it's not improved, then possible surgery! Fun! So I have been being obedient, as hard as that is for me, and I've been wearing that stupid sling every day, until today. I need to put it on, but my arm is feeling better, so I thought I would try without it for a while.

I went the whole weekend without my sling and guess what! Yep, back in the sling on Monday. Pain! That's what I get for not being obedient.


Holloway Family said...

Silly girl!! Open doctors orders.

Krista said...

Take care of yourself or you will pay! We know that and have paid before!