Friday, March 26, 2010

Oh Mighty Buddha!

Back to the Chinese restaurant we went last night. I love going there just to get the fortune cookies! Here's the latest in our fortunes for the future!

Randy - You shouldn't overspend at the moment. Frugality is important.
Kari - You will enjoy doing something different this coming weekend.
Sam - You will be reunited with old friends before the month is out.
Jake - Soon, you will receive pleasant news.
Tifani - The project you have in mind will soon gain momentum.

Tifani said of hers, "What is momentum?" It was hard for me not to answer, "Something I don't have!" But I explained the truth of it to her.
Good food, good company, good night!

Monday, March 15, 2010

No, I don't know these people. But I was thinking about St. Patrick's Day and wanted a picture, so I went looking online. When I saw this one, I knew it was "the one". I mean, what's more Irish than guys wearing green plastic hats, green Marti Gras necklaces and drinking dark green beer? And look at those happy girl's with them! Green sprigs of something in their hair. You can't tell me those are fake smiles! (Don't look at the camera! oops...too late) And they are just too excited to drink those green drinks! That's why not one of them have lip marks on their glasses! Yes, this is a true scene depicting St. Patrick's Day! And what's with the green balls in the background? this is more like it. Ireland is a beautiful country!

I understand about the parties and festivities, and I like those too, but I like the real more than the fake.

So Happy St. Patrick's Day and enjoy a bit o' the luck o' the Irish! And kiss the Blarney Stone while you're at it!