Tuesday, February 16, 2010


This is my oven. Innocent looking isn't it? But looks are deceiving!!

This morning, I decided to clean my oven. It's a self-cleaning oven, which means, once you start the process, it takes an act of Congress to stop it! I had made two cheesecakes over the weekend and the butter used for the crusts decided to let loose and leak all over the bottom of my oven. So after that, everything I tried to bake came out with a.....shall we say.....smoked butter flavor. Not the best addition to ALL dishes. Now comes the fun part. I thought, "Ok, I'll start the cleaning process this morning so I can use my oven later today if I want to bake something."....

I wish I had a picture of what actually took place. You, as the reader, will just have to picture the scene. I decided to get online while the oven cleaned. As the oven reached it's highest temperature for cleaning, I noticed something flicker out of the corner of my eye. To my shock and great surprise, there were FLAMES in my oven!!! They were shooting about 3/4ths of the way up the oven!! I thought I had a fireplace for a minute! Then reality struck and I remembered, "I don't HAVE a fireplace!" I didn't quite know what to do, as I've never experienced that before, so as I was deciding what to do, the flames were gone! It lasted about 20 seconds, but that was 20 seconds that my life flashed before my eyes as I envisioned my oven exploding and how I was going to have to explain to our landlords that it really WAS the ovens fault! "Honest you guys, the oven changed it's mind because it wanted to be a fireplace!" The house was so full of smoke that my eyes stung! So I had to turn off the heater, open the windows and turn on the fans!

As you can see, my oven is ok now. No explosions. No more fire. Everything is fine. And I think my heart has returned to its normal pace.....

I'm Puzzled!

Ever notice when a puzzle is put up, it becomes the center of attention? So I got this puzzle from one of Jake's friends. He doesn't care for puzzles, and he knew I love them, so I got it. I started putting it together, and low and behold, it's a hit! Everyone that comes into my house just HAS to stop and try to fit a piece or two in. But it doesn't stop there. Pretty soon, a chair gets pulled up to the table and the pressure is on! The exuberation when a piece fits is exciting!

The entertainment aspects of a puzzle are unmatched. It's always fun just to sit and watch those who put it together. AND, it's so hard to pull yourself away once you get started! Can you say addiction?

So far Samuel has been at it for about an hour. He's completed quite a bit! In fact, I think I'll go join him now.

And........drum roll please.........its complete!!!! Except for two pieces that are missing........ Not a bad looking puzzle though. Very nostalgic. Time for a new puzzle!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

It's New and Improved!

Yes, it's true! As you can see, I have a new look to my blog! I have a Fairy Blogmother that knows her way around blogs better than I do and she found this for me and helped me put it on my blog to give me a better blog! Oh thank you, thank you dear Fairy Blogmother!

Now......how do I get indoor plumbing on this ship.......