Thursday, March 5, 2009

Pay it Forward!

Ok, so here's another fun thing. It's called "Pay it Forward". Each person that responds to this is supposed to do their own Pay it Forward blog. The first three people to blog a response will receive something from me. Considering I only have maybe three people that respond, it should be pretty easy. So, here goes! Who will the lucky ones be?


Krista said...

What do you mean write a pay it forward blog?

Holloway Family said...

Me, me, me!!! I need your address for the Pay It Forward on my blog.

Kari said...

I'm not good at explaining, so I guess I got some "splainin" to do. You are supposed to write or copy and paste the blog and see who responds to it and you send a gift to them. That's paying it forward because then they do it to someone else and make their day!