Thursday, August 19, 2010

No Egg Drop Soup Fo You!

So we went to our favorite Chinese restaurant tonight, Dragon Hill. Just Randy and I. Our waitress and waiter were awesome! When we first sat down, our waitress gave us our menus, but we just left them there. WE knew what we wanted. When she came back over, she said, "You no wan menus?" We said, "No, we know what we want already." That started it all. She started joking with us, so of course, we gave it back. So when Randy wanted egg drop soup with his order, she said, "Oh....we no have egg drop soup. Weaw out." We laughed, said it was alright, and she left with our orders.

She came back with the soup and gave both soups to me! It was funny! So I gave Randy his, and when she came back, she said, "Oh, you gave him soup?" I said, "Yes, I'm sharing mine." She laughed! Then when our main course came I asked her for some chopsticks. She said, "But you American!" I said, "Ya, but it tastes better with chopsticks!" She smiled and brought some back and said, "I like yoa answa, so here yoa go." It was great!

Our fortune cookies were interesting. Randy's says....You will make a change for the better within the year. (one can only hope!!!!!) Mine says....You will have a close encounter of a surprising kind. I'm kind of scared! I guess as long as Randy is close by, that will be a good enough "close encounter" for me! I mean, I like surprises, but.....

So after rolling out of the restaurant, we are home, safe and sound, full to the max, fat and happy, ready for bed. Life is good tonight. :)
A tribute to my dad......he died 25 years ago today. You are missed beyond words dad. I miss your smile, your words of wisdom, your humor, your hugs.... everything! I would give everything I own just to have you back again, just to touch you once again. Love you daddy!!!!


The Adams Family said...

First of all Dragon hill is awesome and I wish I had some right now at 11 at night:)

Secondly, That was a very nice tribute to your dad. He sounds like a wonderful person!...and I know he is sooo proud of you...because you are such a great person:)

Krista said...

Great come backs! I wish we could have joined you....too bad I was in school. :( I miss out on fun! No soup fo me! Mine said something about traveling for my career. I didn't know pond scum went very far. Oh well. :P

Kari said...

Personally, I think Dragon Hill is good ANY time of day or night!
And Krista, you are the lily flower on TOP of the pond scum!