Friday, April 24, 2009

Two Down, One To Go!

Jake is officially an Eagle! The Eagle Court of Honor was Tuesday night. It was a really great night! Alot of people turned out, we had great food, and Jake was smiling ear to ear! He should be smiling! It's a great accomplishment! Of course, my mouth wasn't exactly straight either, nor was Randy's. We are very proud of Jake!

As you can see, Jake and his friend Ben really enjoyed the food! Good times!! And Mom and Dad are pretty proud of their Eagle!

The program was short, sweet and to the point. We had some leaders from Jake's past, who helped him through the Scouting ranks, take part in the program. It was a fun evening.

Next......Graduation! If I survive the next 4 months....................


Holloway Family said...


CONGRATUALTIONS Mom and Dad!!! It took the efforts of you as well as Jake to earn that award!!

Anonymous said...

Good on ya Mate! Sorry we could not come - but we were thinking of ya!!


Krista said...

Yea, Jake! What a great acheivement!