Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Easter Snow!

As I sit here contemplating my next blog subject, the weather outside is bleak. SNOW! And it's past Easter! But in the background I have hope. I am listening to my favorite Hawaiian, IZ. I thought by playing this CD it might change the weather to be more Hawaii like!! (picture palm trees, sunshine, ocean waves lapping at the beach..... that's more like it......) It's not working to change the weather here. :( Oh well....Ok, movin' on.

OK, so at the end of this month I have signed up for a huge yard sale to take place down in Salt Lake. I have alot of stuff that I want to get rid of, but don't want to give to DI just yet. So on the radio station I listen to, they are planning this huge yard sale that will bring in about 4,000 people. I'm looking forward to seeing if it will work to sell off as much stuff as I can.

Preparation for this yard sale began about two weeks ago. I was so excited! So I started grabbing anything I could find. I have quite a nice stash of stuff out in the garage.

Yes, I will be glad to have the garage back. It's alot of stuff! I keep adding to it too! I'm just thinking positive. In case we move, don't want to tote all this stuff around!

Now we are preparing for Jake to receive his Eagle. His Court of Honor is scheduled for next Tuesday. We are so proud of him! It's been an uphill struggle.

This picture isn't of his Eagle uniform. It is a picture of him a few months ago though. We need to update his uniform, but at least you can see he is a scout! He earned the Baden-Powell award in this picture. So, he's done well!

Next comes High School graduation! YES! I'M sick of school. I can't WAIT for graduation!!! The next four months are crazy! Prom, Eagle Court of Honor, High School Graduation, Samuel comes home from his mission, and Tifani goes in to Young Women's! I'm tired already!

Yes, this is my Tifani. Quite the young lady already! She's very excited to be "graduating" from 6th grade. I'm not! That means my kids are growing up!! Actually, I am excited. I have always found it fun to watch them grow to the next level of their lives. My youngest is no exception.

Just a side note. The Hawaii music is working! It's back to just rain with a FEW snow flakes here and there. I think I'll push repeat!

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