Monday, December 29, 2008

Ah So!

I think my favorite part of Chinese Food is the fortune cookie you get at the end. It's amazing how accurate they are!!! Go figure... Tonight, for example, my fortune cookie said, "A four-wheeled adventure will soon bring you happiness." So after dinner was over, we left the restaurant, got into our "four-wheeled adventure" mobile, headed home, and arrived there safely to the joy of our children!!! WOW!!! It came true!!!

My husband's fortune cookie said, "You are next in line for promotion." Now, this one may take longer to come to fruition, but I'm SURE it will come true!!! Mine did!!

I just can't wait until we eat Chinese again so I can get another fortune cookie!!!

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Krista said...

I went to bed before you posted this! Thanks for meeting us for dinner! Can't wait for New Year's!