Monday, December 7, 2009

Getting in the Christmas Spirit

Tifani and I were invited over to our friends house yesterday to do these miniature
gingerbread houses. What fun this was! It really helped me get into the Christmas Spirit.

When Dawn called, she asked if Tifani and I would like to come over and do gingerbread houses and Tifani about jumped through the phone! "Oh heck ya!", Tif said as she jumped out of the love sac! Needless to say we had a great time!
The one with all the Mickey heads on the top is mine.
This one is Tifani's. She REALLY went all out! There's a full size skating rink behind the house with a whole line of gingerbread men skating around. The detail she put into hers is really cool!
Now I need to get more candy and put our big one together that we normally do
every year.
Welcome Christmas!!!!


dorthyinoz said...

Soo cool!!!! Not happening over here, but I can admire yours from afar, LOL

Krista said...

She has such a great imagination! Gorgeous! She has some great artistic talents!

Holloway Family said...

How fun is that!? One of these years I am going to do a gingerbread house, at least try my hand at it.